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Friday, September 15, 2006

A Reason for Tattoos

Shanon Donnelly posted at 10:17 AM


Friday, August 25, 2006

Rayguns and Other Things Not Needed

Some things just strike that consumer, TV-developed nerve ending inside, making you say, "I want this!" There is no earthly reason to have a raygun--unearthly, yes, but since I don't have a rocket or space suit either, I cannot justify my need for this most wonderful, hyper-cool raygun. It's pure lust.

They do offer a rationalization I also love:

Are you genetically pre-disposed to not wanting to blow your face to bits?


But the kicker....

Then, by crikey, this may not be the device for you - Try a kite!

Ah, well.

But, if you're a man, then send large money orders forthwith and procure yourself FMOM's latest and greatest. Built from the exacting plans of the famed Dr. Grordbort, and reinforced with purest Tremontium, this little tiger will turn your foes to a slurry!

Not a man. Not even close or wanting to be. But I'm all for foes into slurry.

However, my savings account is once again saved by too much copy, and I can continue to enjoy the lusting after without having to get the thing and then wonder what I'm doing with a raygun.

Shanon Donnelly posted at 1:07 PM


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

My Space

So I'm posting now over at My Space, and I'm going to resist keeping two blogs going at once, so I'm moving over to there, but I'll keep this place open, because you can never have too many connections these days.

Shanon Donnelly posted at 11:54 AM


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